Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Okay i figured id improvise and use my umbrella (..ella ella ella). The puke green colour is the the result of my bash her, not me. My outfit today is...Kurt Cobain MTV Unplugged/Rich Hippie!
Im not fan of denim cut offs, but Topshop had a cute pair so i just had to buy! i however rolled them down since im not a big fan of Daisy Duke shorts (and i dont have the legs for it)


Cardi: Men H&M

T Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Topshop

Bag: Tospshop

and Black Chucks

..oh and H&M HeadBand

alright thats it, i did promise yesterdays outfit but it was more summerish and today is far to cold i cant bear standing out there...maybe with luck (and enough comments to motivate me) ill post yesterdays. it those include my knew Panda Top and high wasted Black shorts from Topshop.....


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i love the head foreheads too big for those things looks great on ya!

Cordie said...

is there anything better than a mens sweater? they are so much better than womens...i love the oversize feel, and the colorful patterns you can find. rugby and polo are my favorite company to buy mens sweaters from--they are always deliciously chunky and vintage.

also--i love your cutoffs! where are they from? (you didnt say) i bought mine from levis and they are wonderfully baggy. there is this photo of rachel bilson, and shes wearing this cutoffs and an old band tee. ill put it up on my next post.

cordie xx

Rich Hippie said...

sorry i called my shorts shirt, but changed it now there from TOPSHO, originally rolled but i rolled mine down.

Yeah i aslo remeber Rachel Bilson wearing something like that,ill check

Ragamuffin said...

That cardigan is simply stunning. Gah, I looked back on some of your earlier post and your obsession with Gossip Girl is as big as mine!

Love your style keep it up pretty lady!