Saturday, 3 May 2008

Today's Oufit was very colourful and very me, up-beat on a saturday morning when the first thing you realise when you wake up is that theres NO college, Woho! Feeling like my usual Rich Hippie i rocked out to one of my many fav Cali bands - Rooney (may i add there latest album was way disapointing)

Song of the day - StayAway by Rooney
a lil Air Guitar Action!


stilettostetico said...

a Bounding "néo-Hippie" full of Refreshing Energy !!!
Eeeuuhhh . . . I suppose that actually "Rooney" is not Manchester United's Forward . . . ?
YES, Peace !!!

A Bientot, Antoine

Rich Hippie said...

No its the band, im not a big fan of football

stilettostetico said...

ps: Great Thanks for your comment !!! Oohh, Don't worry for your French , Frankly it's not so Bad !!! and I can help You (and you can also write in English) : So, parenthesis "French vocabulary" : "a lot (of)" = "Beaucoup(de)".
Actually My Blog is simply a tribute to Great-"Masters" !!!- Photographers : I'm glad you like it.

A Bientot, Antoine

WendyB said...

Love your outfit and your jumping!

S said...

Indeed, these pictures are beautiful and you look so stylish, plus it seems as though you're having a blast!