Sunday, 25 May 2008

Went shopping today, had like the weirdest stomach ache that i didn't truly enjoy my experience. Saw some cool stuff which i made time to take some snaps on and will be going back tomorrow for yet another round as i just ended up buying a tisha.
These Hot tishas are from Zara, didn't buy them cuz i couldn't see this in my daily wear and have a awful habit of buying printed Tishas for no good reason.
Next i saw this cute dress, cant remember where I've seen a similar design before but it did catch my eye. The pic doesn't do it any justice but it was cute. Oh i gotta remember to look out for a prom dress. Im Thinking of strapless (nothing beats showing of a hot pair of shoulders) short and fitted around the waist at least, as its my favourite feature about me.
Oh! They did have a nice skirt as well, but my sis HATTED it i LOVED it although but she kept putting it back so this puppy didn't follow me home. I love it though its very ethnic which is a rend this summer and had these great details at the bottom of the dress, like the coins you found on Balencigas scarfs.
Now found this at H&M, it was beautiful and could easily be pulled of as a dress if your a lil on the short side or you could wear it with acid wash cut of jeans (which can be found at Topshop)
At Topshop, i didnt find anything nice other then this sweet necklace.
Alright here's my Tisha i bought from Zara, don't know why but i found it cute.


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Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh I found that ruffle top at H & m too but I ended up getting it in all pink with the thin straps, it's cute isn't it?
love your outfit too!