Friday, 9 May 2008

I'm back (hold the applause...) Not so mind Blowing outfit, but, i liked it. My shorts are like the worst thing to wear if you really have to take a QUIK piss. You see there are five buttons along each side. Imagine having to un-button 10 of them! AnywayShorts : Topshop
Blazer: Topshop

Socks: Stolen

Top: Gina Tricot (only in Scandinavia)

Shoes: Aldo

Oh well Supposedly where going to London tomorrow and my mom did promise a lil shopping so hopefully ill find something nice!


elins said...

well. you know. i kind of fell in love with your blog.

shop liquorice said...

what a fabulous blazer!!! LOVE it!

elins said...

nej, tyvärr så har vi inte forever21 här! mina saker är handlade över internet. är du svensk, eller råkar du bara kunna svenska? (:

Rich Hippie said...

Hahaha jag ar svensk, har bot i sverige i 16 ar forre jag flytta over till england for att plugga. hahah trodde du visste :)). Grattis pa din Sweet 16!

milk said...

wow så jävla fint!

Julia said...

jäkligt snyggt!