Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

...lets welcome the future and start our countdown to the day the world will be completely ripped of its natural resources and the only jungle remaining will be the concrete Jungle where in.
Lets look forward to that Jetson future where cars fly and emotions are downloaded from iTunes ....where humans are nothing but a ghost of there former selves.
Lets welcome CyberPunk and new drugs, breaking news of terror attacks from distant planets and the Moon becoming our new holiday destination...the new Saint Tropez.
Welcome to a year of more the years go by we become less human, people are already reminiscing of the loss family values of the 50s.
.........think social networks are killing natural communication....just wait till you dont even have to lift a finger...

This Year In Fashion not going to summaries every look ive posted cuz frankly..their weren't that many.
I promise(as I always do) to be better at This Next year but for now lets look at what defined 09 bloggesrfer fashion.

The return of those dam Edelmans (can you believe that my dam shoe hasnt been delivered?)
Anniversary of Woodstock (cant stop crying, How the hell could i miss it!!!!)
And this annoying trend of wearing dead things around your neck sparked by
Along with the crazy 80's return Shoulder pads and Bralets made their comeback, Pearl jam released their new Studio album....and comferd that dead(god I need a minute now)
Ashish...Aish? shish....Those Uber cool wedges that nobodies been able to pronounce (every time someone asks who there by I find it so hard to say the name right i go...Topshop?)

The leather Jacket...has always been a priority in any Fashionistas (I hate that word) Closet
.....a further continuation of wearing dead things....Denim and Studs and DIY owe MY!
And This Years no.1 Shoe, Acne's Atacome Wedge...I insanely passed the chance of getting them but if things goes as planned a little surprise package might arrive next year(!!!!!)
Alongside being the no.1 shoe it was right on the mark with the the platform and wedge trend of this year.

Balmainia with its crazy 80's influenced Blazers and Micheal Jackson inspired ed embellishments (ill leave it at that...)
Fashion Heavy Weight Kate Lanpher and her Heavy metal approach on accessories
That Kane Insane Topshop Collection which made fashion Blogs looks like the Discovery Chanel with all its wild life tops and inspired print animal crazed fashion. Truly an insane collection as it was so hyped and so overpriced...and so ridiculously marked down (pieces went over 70%!) and you could find actual pieces in your size so this was definitely a collection that tried to sell a name and not its art
And of course the Dellal-Do (personally it's a Dellal-Dont! its an awesome haircut because of its originality and kind of lost its beauty when it reached the Masses)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Do i Bore you?

Dont worry if any of you fashion prunes can guess what anime this is (its not that hard but it might be for those that arent your typical outsider) I'll promise to work on posting more interesting things.....

Grrr....How i wish I was wearing you now

Friday, 25 December 2009


Just like smoking...Fashions a nasty habbit

I Blame Coco

Girls amazing...not afraid to look like herself.........A big inspiration to me, a girl that's always lived with a low self esteem.....I don't know.......she looks so good it stinks....
........oh and thank god for that voice, she makes my baritone voice sound like a school girl shreech