Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Im not a big fan off Christmas...AT ALL.
So the only thing that gets me exited during this time of year
are the presents and the after Christmas sales.
Seriously its like the Super Bowl for me, Im always pumped and prepared for what to go for, where to go for as there more likely to run out of my size first and strategies how much to spend on each they cuz they always bring more and the price just gets lower.
So here are some quick tips as to when to spend and what to look for.

1. Make sure you have comfortable RUNNING shoes
2. Pleas do not go without a list of things you need to buy (or you'll grab everything you see)
Look at your closet and see what you can stock up on (more basics?) and what its missing
3. Take a quick look at next seasons collections, analyse and find a trend, then, head out and see if you can find some pieces for next season. If theirs one mistake people nake, its buying those one hit wonders (the pieces that wont outlive one season) Stay away from "trendy cloths" there on sale for a reason......
4. Pleas try everything on, you always have time so grab everything and run to the changing rooms. It migjt look good on the rack and everyone else but it might not look good on you.
5. Don't spend all your money on the first day, they've always got more coming in so its worth having a list of things your getting and sticking to it. Rememeber you ment to save on sales, not go way out of your budget and buy everything hot...beacuse its cheap (hint hint mom)
6. Blazers, Dresses and skirts tend to go first(at TOPSHOP and ZARA) when it comes to small (6&8's/32&34) sizes while everything else tends to be a sure bet that they'll still be around the next day.
7. Accessories are the last thing to look at (except bags!! But they have the highest trend warning as well so look for basic designs in leather)
8. Since I usually know what type of shoe I want I get them on the first day but you should usually leave that for your second round as there most likely to be cut to a lower price.

...yeah something like that.
(ill try to post what I believe will be next seasons Trends and highlight some possible pieces you'd find in this seasons sale)


Champagne said...

I know I'm so not going to be able to follow this list. I actually don't plain on shopping at all. I don't think I'll have enough of the money.


I shop most of my things online so I don't need the running shoes :) I think you made a great list, it is always so hard to know what to buy on sales... Do you know when the online-stores starts their sales?

xoxo and merry christmas from Sweden

A Piece of Passion

Isabel said...

Thanks for the tips! I needed them since I aalways end up getting lots of stuff which I wear one time. Can´t wait for the shops to open, so I can burn of some (smart) cash!
Merry Christmas btw;)