Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

...lets welcome the future and start our countdown to the day the world will be completely ripped of its natural resources and the only jungle remaining will be the concrete Jungle where in.
Lets look forward to that Jetson future where cars fly and emotions are downloaded from iTunes ....where humans are nothing but a ghost of there former selves.
Lets welcome CyberPunk and new drugs, breaking news of terror attacks from distant planets and the Moon becoming our new holiday destination...the new Saint Tropez.
Welcome to a year of more the years go by we become less human, people are already reminiscing of the loss family values of the 50s.
.........think social networks are killing natural communication....just wait till you dont even have to lift a finger...


Taryn Andre said...

what an interesting way to paint the future. i cant stop staring at the first picture, i absolutely love it

Champagne said...

A good way to bring in the New Year?...Getting toasted. I'll remember to drink to you girl

Liz Moreno said...

how deep! but u kno Im totally agree with you, I dont feel the spirit during this seasons, so sad but thats the main reason, because we are making this world a place with less emotions, more technologies and cold feelings, empty souls in other words, where is the love?

happy new year

I love this blog btw

Liz from Panama City

mari said...

Happy new year!!!
Love your blog