Monday, 14 December 2009

Balmainia (Pleas dont ignore, its not another one of those tired balmian posts!!)

I just read somewhere that is going to have an INSANE sale on over 60styles!!!!
Where talking that insane blazer dropping from £3020 to a sweet £604. This might not be alarmingly cheap for some but for those who would love to cash a set 272 for a pair of Balmian heels might be convinced.
Its starts tomorrow (15th) at 10am and will be going on for a week.
To bad that I made a promise to be more responsible and stop covering my mental wounds with expensive clothes.......FUCK IT I NEED TO SCORE A JACKET!

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Champagne said...

Oo, I would so try to see what I could get, too bad I don't have any money at this point. ;_;