Monday, 31 August 2009

God I've got the worst headache today...
Went to town, didnt seriously find anything in the stores that was remotely amusing and like how long is it going to take to get this Balmain like blazers into Zara anyway.

Tomorrow I've got a couple of apartment viewings and im hoping to have settled for something after this cuz its a pain in the ass.
Oh and before I go, The Asisha wedges, INSANE PLATFORMS DUDE, I freaking love them and are probably by far my new faves (sorry Office Wedges...) the only thing I just hate about them is the hair!
.....seriously its like the pubic hair of a chimpanzee.

Wearing: Silk Top - Topshop, DIY tights and Wedges from Topshop.
Wish Me Luck!!

Whats on my mind..?

Friday, 28 August 2009


Pulling a vintage Rumi backdrop, with he whole white garage door setting. My shoes have...NOT arrived but something tells me there going to be here tomorrow its just really annoying, cuz I wasn't planning on spending my entire day at home waiting for the dam delivery man.....
Wearing: Tank-H&M, Studded Belt-ZARA, Maxi skirt-ZARA

Sorry for not putting any outfit posts up, I've just been waisting time listening to Metallica's Death magnet Album, Arranging viewing, starving myself and waiting for those darn shoes....I seriously have no patience man!!
Caroline B + Kate Lamphear

And they were all yellow....

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ugh so I spent the last 5 hours at the porch this morning with my laptop waiting for that freaking mail man. He never showed up!!! I flipped out and went to check the invoice they send you when you purchase shit online and it said "Standard delivery" I specifically requested first class next day delivery!!!! I sure as hell no I payed for it......Fucking ass holes now I have to wait two to three days and knowing them I'll be here on a Tuesday.....
Update Sunnies are from TOPSHOP

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Oh god...

I just purchased something that I really didn't need and is going to cost me big time......It arrives tomorrow, lets just hope my moms not the one that catches the mail man before me!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lady....Your skirts to short

Wearing: Blazer-daddy got it for me, Tank-Gina tricot, Tube dress skirt thing-Cheap Monday and shoes Aldo.
Mmmm craving a second round on my cheesy omelet. Hahaha alright havent really been up to much today other then day-dreaming of naked men.....So Im going to get back to that
See yeah!

Im still apartment hunting...wish I could have a view like Le fashion has......

yum yum can be pretty sweet you know especially when you stumble across what you believed where long lost pieces all of a sudden. Oh and I think i found my apartment, under budget and it's got sea views....Finger crossed that the space isn't claustrophobic!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

I like passed out for a second....

Out late September this collection is packed. I'm talking a whole 39 pieces of clothes accessories and shoes!!! priced between £40-160 so be sure to save for it, your gonna wanna buy the entire collection. I however am going to settle for the mesh shoes, the Alligator tee and the studded tights. My moneys already been set aside for Zara's Fall collection.
see the rest at :Anywho