Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ugh so I spent the last 5 hours at the porch this morning with my laptop waiting for that freaking mail man. He never showed up!!! I flipped out and went to check the invoice they send you when you purchase shit online and it said "Standard delivery" I specifically requested first class next day delivery!!!! I sure as hell no I payed for it......Fucking ass holes now I have to wait two to three days and knowing them I'll be here on a Tuesday.....
Update Sunnies are from TOPSHOP


Laura said...

The second outfit is killer, love everything! I would like to wear all your creations!

Champagne said...

I always hate that. Right when you think your package is coming one day it winds up coming on another. Its so freaking annoying and misleading.

Champagne said...

I would have to say if you want a new hair cut, I would look for people who have the done short hair right. Kate Lanpear, Rihanna those are the two people whose short do's are really hot.

I would take a look at different Rihanna hair cuts. Since all of her cuts are edgie.

Hope that helps. I'm kind of dumb when it comes to hair. :P

English Rose said...

OH!! I thought that you were saying that all men were hooligans haha!
Sorry, I didn't realise!

I don't want to come across as a pompus prick haha! I do actually really like your blog :)
and thank you! I'm ebaying it :) xx

kristina said...

could you please tell me were one could purchase such sunglasses =)

p.s the mail is poo!

Anonymous said...

ah! you picked gorgeous pieces
ive been so busy i missed out on your blog lately but im still loving your posts, as always!
beautiful pieces put this

check out my blog @

Eva Ana said...

killer outfits. for all shapes

Anonymous said...

boooo! i actually wore that lime topshop skirt to work yesterday for the first time- got many compliments on it :)