Monday, 17 August 2009

Sorry but this post may not last long, I cant stand looking at my face....

Ugh half my cheek has gone numb because of my dam wisdome tooth and I refuse to take pain killers!! Before you know it ill be sleeping next door to Lindsay at rehab........
I've also been busy looking for an apartment, which apperantly can be a nightmare!
To small, to weird of a neighbourhood, great neighbourhood yet small and I mean SMALL apartement. It's like choosing a closet over a bedroom since both are to much of a luxury to have. So I'm pissed off cuz uping the budget of the aparment would be a downgrade on! And I've always said I would gladly leave on a busy sidewalk with all my shoes. And I mean I need my space which is why I know longer choose to live in a dorm where someonce obnoxious music seem to drown out mine, shit gets stolen, annoying people that you have to put smile on your face just so that you dont seem like some emo chic that wants to be left alone. I can come across as cold and judgmental at first but does willing to jump into the ring for round two realize that I just mean well.
Alright got to get back to finding my Fortress of Solitude(yeah yeah yeah am a comic book nerd whatever!).......If anyone knows any great one bedroom/Studio apartments in Brighton drop me a message.
Wearing: Bowler Hat - H&M, Flannel Shirt - Topshop, MINI Top/Waistcoat - H&M, Tie Dye Leggings - American Apperal, Wedges - Office.


Anonymous said...

love it as always darling
you are GORGEOUS!

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Champagne said...

It seems you've been busy trying to find your dream home or should I say home apartment, same difference. Anyway, I hope everything goes well with finding one. I can only image how frustrating the process might be.

Rach said...

Ah! How ironic, I just got my wisdom teeth taken out too! You are braver than I posting right now. I look like a chipmunk and the painkillers are making me type random things.

Apartments are very very frustrating, but I moved from a dorm to an apartment and never looked back. Despite the hassle, it is very much worth the freedom and privacy!

Good luck on your recovery :]