Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Finally got my hands on my moms camera (who watched me like a vulture waiting for its victim to exhale its last breath of life) and can now show you my very Lanvin inspired leopard printed harem pants. I love them to death and have been living in them for the past 3 days! I've always "ughed" wearing that much jungle print but these sure as hell are an exception. I guess I've learnt my lesson on never saying never.

It was real hot today and i was dying with dyhadration but I had to squeeze in that one picture with the rag cuz this was how i was wearing it the other day.
Before I go I just wanted to thank all my groupies you guys are amazing for being ....well you.
I dedicate my summer 09 tune to you.........................
Honey's In Love by Flunk
This song is absolutely beautiful. When I shut my eyes and put those white headphones on its like the sun comes out again.
I love it when the sun is set in that place where everything glows in this magical gold. It has such an effect on me that moving becomes this difficult task. It's like walking at the bottom of a pool, yet with that free airy feeling in your hair ,that solitude.
Wearing: Bowler hat - H&M, Rag - Zara, Tee Black with pocket - Gina
Tricot, Leopard Printed Harem pants - Topshop, Wedged - Office.
NOTE TO SELF: wear a brah!


Anonymous said...

love the pants and the print on them
and no need to wear a bra...more freedom =]

check out my blog @

Champagne said...

Those pants are really cool. Today was hot here too. I'm going to miss this weather when it lives.

The Queen of Hearts said...

This is effortless.

Jowy said...

PANTS AND SHOES ARE FREAKING AWESOME! and note: why wear a brah?..u look great!

One Love,

Sexy Sadie said...

you don't need to wear a bra! you look great!!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

this look is seriously hot!

Nataliexxx said...

Really really loving your blog honey -it's been delightful to read and view and I'm looking forward to visiting again very shortly <3

Darrah said...

Isn't it funny that we make these rules for ourselves? I always break mine!

Maverick Malone said...

Cool outfit :) I always go braless, hehe.