Friday, 7 August 2009

Re-create it....

As a kid when im tired and its time to go to bed its always been a comfort just know that when your being carried over to your room you could always rest your head on her comfortably padded shoulders.......(a beautifule meory from 1994)


Anonymous said...

oh all the details. i am totally getting a balmain lookalike from somewhere. i NEED it.

Taryn Andre said...

the balmain craze is taking over me. I have to design a look a like myself.

the beading is beautiful

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous!!!!
im obsessed!
thanks for sharing the inspiration

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LAYNE said...

ahhh Padded shoulders. So cute about being carried to true!

Great blog!


UnePauseMode said...

Wow, what's an awesome jacket <3