Monday, 31 August 2009

God I've got the worst headache today...
Went to town, didnt seriously find anything in the stores that was remotely amusing and like how long is it going to take to get this Balmain like blazers into Zara anyway.

Tomorrow I've got a couple of apartment viewings and im hoping to have settled for something after this cuz its a pain in the ass.
Oh and before I go, The Asisha wedges, INSANE PLATFORMS DUDE, I freaking love them and are probably by far my new faves (sorry Office Wedges...) the only thing I just hate about them is the hair!
.....seriously its like the pubic hair of a chimpanzee.

Wearing: Silk Top - Topshop, DIY tights and Wedges from Topshop.
Wish Me Luck!!


Marion .L said...

thank you very much :D
I love your look !
is exactly what I like!!!

delimitedaddiction said...

that first picture is is striking. good show!

Champagne said...

Lucky girl. I wish I had a chance to get them.

Tell me, how do they walk, are they comfortable?

How long can you walk in them until they start to make your feet go numb?

And I think the hair is cow hair.

Anonymous said...

i really love these shots
so simple, chic, streamline

check out my blog @

The Novelista Barista said...

love ur outfit!! where do u buy al these awesome clothes from?!

Anonymous said...

wow. times a million.
friggin' gorgeous.

hey, good luck on the flat thing.

Anonymous said...

oh and you are now linked on my site too dear.

Rach said...

The black wedges look great on you! Great poses too, I never know what to do in front of the camera.