Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lady....Your skirts to short

Wearing: Blazer-daddy got it for me, Tank-Gina tricot, Tube dress skirt thing-Cheap Monday and shoes Aldo.
Mmmm craving a second round on my cheesy omelet. Hahaha alright havent really been up to much today other then day-dreaming of naked men.....So Im going to get back to that
See yeah!

Im still apartment hunting...wish I could have a view like Le fashion has......


Ro! said...

Argh I hate flat hunting! I always want something wayyyy out of my price range!
Love the skirt btw!

princesspolitico said...

i love the layout of this post! very cute. anyways, very chic outfit - the skirt is FANTASTIC and your hair is amazing as well :)


Champagne said...

Aw, I guess the place didn't pan out. That sucks.

Angie said...

hey thanks for the cute comment.love the skirt.cool blog.