Thursday, 31 July 2008

God im so tired....actually i havent done that much today other then waking up at 13:00 having some frozen yogurt and wandering around the house for a while. Ehm todays outfit was worn mainly because i woke up in the morning already wearing my shorts? and my shirt haven been lost for like 500years magically showed up on my table. My hair hasent been combed for like lest see 9 weeks, ive made several attempts but there are to many curls and nots in it i kinda gave up, hahhaha, you guys must be totally grossed out by this. Like right now my finges are just tangled up in my hair just trying to pull it straight it might look kinda okay in the pics but believe me a it aint pretty
Bowl hat - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Shirts - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Aldo

..........this is pretty much how i look right now, tired and stuck with my bad habbit of licking and bitting my lips.
Update:ill just add this post here. im loving MK's new found grunge look(have you noticed the latest candids where shes started tieng shirts aroud her trend? hope not). Always wanted nto go all the way with a My Luxuriouse grunge idea but i havent been able to snabb enough plaid shirts(hopefully the new vintage stoe i foudn will have some) but for now look at this insperational beauty in her various flannel shirts. Flannels a trend this season (although with an aristocrastic twist) so be sure to grabb something...lumberjacky.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

love the new changes topshops made to there online store! Got me craving some new cloths. I really impressed with the styling of this shoot and the location, as Topshop well hasent had the best Promotion pics in a while to be honest
Hello, hello, hello!
Hahahah okay, its been a nice sunny day and im loving all the comments rolling in, thank you very much. I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday. Friday because thats when my big brother is coming over from Stockholm, and Saturday because i just found this great vintage store, that sells great old band tee's and other vintage clothes. Ive got my eye on these pair of John Lennon esque round sunnies, where like the frame is gold and the lense (or whatever its called) is in Blue. The place is called Beatnik Emporium, how much cooler could that place get. I especially love beatnik kind of characters, since there so poetic and artistic in such an odd and extremely weird way, and i love weird people!
Okay today's outfit, is my little find from last years sale from Zara, cant really see here bit it much much darker in colour like a deep turquoise then what it seems. Ohter than the colour i really love the hidden pockets on them (cant really see them here, ergo, hidden pockets)
Love how the colour of the belt and the dress really play of each other in such a wonderful way, although my sister just hated how i took my BROWN bag with it, as she had something else in mind....
Dress - Zara Belt - Zara Slips - Topshop Bag - Topshop

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Thank you CoutureCarrie for the mentioning, there wont be any outfit updates today, because my my iPhone seems to have gone skitso on me from being in the sun for to long and overheating. In the meantime why dont you CLICK the pic above and relax in the nice hot summer weather with some soothing sounds of music.....

Monday, 28 July 2008

Okay gonna ahve to rush through this one, gotta head out but heres my outfit post!
Wearing. Bowl hat from H&M T from H&M shorts from Topshop andehm boots from aldo, okay i think thats it

First up Superman, must say the most hansom Superhero of them all all dressed in his cape and sporting the primary colours better then any other. He made geeky office nerd, a new Kind of Hot when it came to men. Batman, Going for the all black look, could never go wrong with that, as the secret to a good sence of style is being able to be simple put together. He might look a lil on the harsh side butt hen again when you dont know what to wear, go all black and pic your fave accerosies, inoder to stand out. I Guess his would be the Batmobile.Easiest way to incoporate the look

The Joker isent just crazy, his colour coordination looks like what a wizards costume would look like after once barfed on it. Purple and green....not the hottets colour combination in the fashion our Fashion Universe but i sure put a needed twist to the jocker Gentelmans look after whe went CooCoo Bowler hat and skirt, Topshop

(Vivienne WestWood)

Her beauty Could send you green with Envy, Poison Ivy, might have a nasty obssesion with weeds, but she sure embodies that natural beauty.

(Vivienne Westwood) Dr Freeze is wan cold dude, but with the right taste, you could look Hot taking him as an insperation.Although this look might not be necassary, the snowflake look by Ninna Ricci however is a more softer, warmer look to this villains look.
Spiderman, Cobwebs used to be a thing you find in old houses, but to pull this look off without looking goths, you could always go for black floral printed lace, which is on of this seasons trends, so be sure to pick up a beautifule black lace dress!(Prada fall/winter 08)
CatWoman might as well coined the BodyCon, her Leather Catsuite is simply a second skin being skin tight and shiny, sadly walking around with an outfit with a description like thatyour bound to called something nasty, but sometimes, if worn right it might just work.

Topshop, H&M and Balenciaga

Iron Man, yepp that pretty mucyh sums it up.....
to be continued...........