Thursday, 24 July 2008

It's hot hot hot, and no im not only talking about me (okay sorry with the ego...). Loving the comments coming in, really do. Ehm so how many guys here watch Project Runway? I really love, have watched every single season, my favourite is of course little miss fierce Christian Seria?no? hahah cant really pronounce or even spell the name. I would so totally try out for that show in the future, the only problem is im not that good of a sewer. I mean i cant sow, dont get me wrong but im not quick enough, just pretty average. But when it comes to being quick and innovative, THAT'S my talent. Since i love sketching down all my different ideas, creating huge portfolio and there all high end and not really so pret-a-porter, which i guess isn't always a good thing. But i could confidentially say ide come at 5th place? My designs are like snow flakes, there all one of a kind.
i'll try posting some of them...but am pretty private about them (a all artist are) and may rarely happen.
Bowler hat - H&M
Tank - Gina Tricot
Studded Belt - Zara
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Aldo
Song im loving at the moment:
Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in The Line For The Bathroom) by N.E.R.D


Sunniva said...

Great outfit as always dear! And I'll definitely cheer you on if you try out for project runway ;)

Mimi said...

Unfortunately they don't sent PR here...

The belt gives a lot of glamour and makes the outfit interesting.nice!

Tinsley said...

i love the hat and accessories! great outfit - very rock n roll

Your'e So Fetch! said...

I really lovin' today pick. So cute and so you & you have studs! We may have a bad obsession. Oh and where is that amazing blazer from in your must have section?

As for PR Jay Mc Carol was hands down my favvee designer! LOVE!

sunniva said...

snygg hat!
no worries!
vet du, det ar presis vad jag har tenkt på med! peace teken ar så jatte snyggt! så mycke bettere sn alla dom dara stjarnona, men dom ar ju fina dom med...
men fyrst bliver det mitt navn. jag kommar sekkart at vara full av inc nar jag bliver vuksen, ahah!

live life, hasve a bless.

sunniva said...

just one more thin... I have been thniking of a peace sign on my finger, it's really really nice! but the dumb thing is that ashely simpson has one... what you think??

are you swedish or english?

live life, have a bless.

sunniva said...

yes, it may be... hehe, that's true! I would rather have it one my ring finger (is it called that?).
jag forstår, jag ar inte engelsk, inte svensk men faktiskt norsk=P haha
du ar snygg!

live life, have a bless.

sunniva said...

ja, stonewash ar snyggt som sjutton! haha!
jag tittar inno har sen!

live life, have a bless.

Krystal said...

Oh don't worry, I ship internationally, it just costs the buyer a bit more--unfortunately gas prices effect EVERYTHING :) I can always find you a pair of the Chanel half tints, whenever. I have a few good connections.


coco said...

The hat is really cool. It looks great with what your wearing!

Lauren said...

love love love the studded belt, no havent found anything in the topshop sale, am getting quite bored with the sales now though x

Jay said...

i would love to be a desighner but the thing is i cant draw{ sad but true, but i'm good at sewing{