Tuesday, 15 July 2008

So okay know new pics today since things have been hectic today, had to go out and carry out some errands, the Internet connection as gone totally skitso and switches itself on and of, my iPhone, skitso to, so couldn't snap any real good pics, and those that did, well with the Internet, couldnt load them here, so hopefully by tomorrow ill have some better updates, all i can say is that my leather jacket, Keeper, called in to Zara and they where able to score me one in a medium as all of them where sold out but they had one down at storage just for ME, i love getting my way.....
Anyway if i could describe what i wore today it would look something like him,

Sayonara B*tches

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Your'e So Fetch! said...

yay you kept it! it totally suits you and you know it thats why is was so hard to get rid of!