Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Top 10 Heels

Back from a long day of shopping, i can barely feel my arms from holding all those bags! Saw alot of great stuff and actually brought home a few, including my hot new heels which you can see in the top pic (on top of the pink shoe box), cute thong slips that ill be carrying around in my bag encase my feet finally give up from all the nasty blisters my heels been giving me, and a new black pencil skirt, its the second version of the grey one i got at H&M. close up of the shoes will be coming later, my outfit today was horrendous, you can probably spot a peek in the mirror.
Topshop, pretty much blows at this point i dont think ill be paying another visit here for a long time, although i did find something nice, but oddly, the bust area was to BIG, and this is there smallest size? oh and i did by my slips from here
On my way home i passed this cute candy store, i dont really have a sweet tooth but this place looked sweet.



what a great eye you have !
you noticed her shoes ! wouah
that why i asked he to be in this position : to see both the plastic shoes and the dress

you ar ethe best vivian

i'm gonna link you right now !
if you want to link me, write it like in google : STYLE AND THE CITY - PARIS

keep on beoing sharp in what to see
i am sure we'll collaborate someday

cheers from Paris


Krystal said...

oh no! is topshop becoming awful? im so sad to hear that, i hope they have a come back. i just recieved my order from them, and i liked it all, i bought the washed leather jacket/bomber...its pretty fab.

Mimi said...

I saw a pair of flat sandals like this.I think they'd always look good.