Thursday, 3 July 2008

Today was a nice day of shopping and to hot but i didnt care, i still slapped on my plaid shirt, Blazer from H&M skinnies from Topshop and Aldo heels. Now as expected i broke my own promise of only following my sales shopping list and not just grabbing everything, but i guess my impulse shopping wasent on hyper mood today as i only purchased three items.
Wasent that much out there but i saw this Asian Lady selling Replica bags, now i know why buy a copy and not the real thing, but i just dont see the point of coughing that much cash up for stuff i easily get over and toss far back in my already to tight wardrobe. I mean i guess its the design and not the name im paying for. it was just £10 so...
And ive finally come around to buy myself a pair of dam gladiator sandals, personally i dont know why but hey buy it now or regret it later i guess. These where from New Look £40
Now the main reason for me going out, was for the Topshop sales, thay had alot but nothing amazing and i think im going to hang to my cash till the real bargains kick in. But i did go buy my skirt that was amazing, was going to buy it on Tuesday (or Monday dont remember?) for the FULL price of £25. it was the last one, or the only one they had actually? AND lucky got it for £12, woho, my dad was right
-"throw that shit back ill go on sale anyway"
my argument?
-" they wont have it left!! and its hard to find my size!"
well...i feel like an idiot.
Now ive Finally got a lil peice to remind of the Americano trend that Chanel introduce


Lydia said...

I love the skirt and your plaid shirt!
that's so sweet that it was on sale =D

Louise said...

Sweet gladiators, but they do look a bit (a lot actually) uncomfortable. Take care!

Rich Hippie said...

haha thanks, i think ill take them back

Krystal said...

I wish I could get a hold of that star-print Chanel jumpsuit Kate Moss wore to her B day this year...ahh, Karl L.....