Monday, 14 July 2008

Leather jacket is still lurking in my wardrobe and just re-thinking whether or not i should return it tomorrow, hahah probably sick and tired of hearing my whining, but ive got to think this through. IT IS SO Hard!
I mean look at it i look feel Rocking in it...
im Wearing
(first and actual outfit i spent my day in)
Blazer- From my daddy
White Tisha - H&M
Shorts(cut em shorter and added a little detailing) - Topshop

Boots - Aldo
Bag - Primark
and in my other outfit its the haunting leather jacket from Zara
lets have a vote, did the outfit with the Blazer look better then the one with the leather jacket, in terms of what would suit me rather then what in and not


Your'e So Fetch! said...

I still love it. It is so cute on you and in the winter mm mm mm it will be great!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I really want your fringe bag, I've been wanting one just like it.

Mimi said...

The bag!The bag!Love it and the shorts too.last year I cut of a pair of old jeans and I'm stil wearing 'em often

Krystal said...

ya, you have to keep it...for sure. and if you ever dont want it put it up on ebay, and me or 1,500,876 peopel will also want it.


Maja said...

I understand your problem. The jacket is awsome! You´ve gotta ask yourself if you´re honestly gonna wear it and feel good even if it´s a little too big? I´ve had times when i´ve bought clothes that doesn´t really suite me and it always makes me a little irritated and regretful when it´s too late to return it. But I guess you can always take Krystals advice, she´s probably right, cuz it´s a gorgeous jacket! good luck! :)

Rich Hippie said...

thnak you huys, maja let me guess, your swedish? i just love that name