Wednesday, 23 July 2008

This week Style Icon is Vanessa Traina(I've lost count has a week actually passed?). I am so jealous over this girl since she has such an amazing body that makes anything look fab. uuugh i actually hate the word fab, cont know why im used it. Herd her and her sis are will good friends with Mary-Kate and Ashley, i even think they borrow cloths from each other?
For example- the Givenchy Leather jacket?(god id seriosully kill for this jacket)
-Gladiator Sandals by Chanel

-And the Prada headband look was sported by them both
yeah theirs probably a whole lot more but its real hard fidning pics of her
but she sure is hard to forget....

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Dana said...

Oh those twins.. I love their style, I would kill for their clothes. Nice blog =)