Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Todays outfit is not to special, it was just to hot and i needed something light and quick to throw over my head. I cant believe how hot it is today! Ive been shopping around different cams and the Sony i had planned wasn't that cute in person, i really need a new camera, getting tired of my stupid Iphone.
At the moment me and my best friend are just reminiscing old times, we where crazy rebels that just wanted to get in trouble for anything!
God how i miss her, got to make my way over to Sweden this fall.


Samira said...

That's the heart i gave you ( just so everybody knows) ahhaha!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

What a sweet outfit. You look very chic. I know how difficult it can be to look fashionable when its so hot. Humidity can really cut into your cute factor.

Looking forward to more.

Lauren said...

cute outfit, love that hat.
thanks for the comment :)