Friday, 11 July 2008

As i steeped onto the grounds that could only be described as pure heaven on earth by a looked like hell. The whole place was radded, being there at just an hour and a half before clothing time didnt help either. I was completely turned of by the mess the girl had left and didnt find the point in looking around, the great stuff is gone anyway. I made my way off to Zara (at the time really pissed) and found what ive been dying and craving for for months now, the infamous leather jacket that everyone seemed to have. i ran to the rack grabbed the sleeve to check the price tag, YES its on sale...but not low enough. Originally retailing for £150 they'd been abler to cut it to £90.
(old pic, same jacket)
I wanted to buy it but i had to ask my dad, he hated it and didnt even like the price it was pulling around. I really really want it? So...should i hed back next and buy it anyway, or should i put my money into better use? I mean there is a chance that they might cut the price a lil more, i mean they had a few left...
(Sorry ill try to get a better pic of todays outfit later, the rain asusual ruined things)


Mimi said...

Ohh...I had the same problem with a pair of shorts last week!
Hm..I'm not 100% sure.I like the jacket but I think there are prettier things.

Let's link?

Your'e So Fetch! said...

OMG if you don't buy it I am going to be totally disapointed! I am coveting one that is very similar.

I also purchased a bown leather jacket last fall and I LOVE it. I cant wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it again. BUY ITTTT!

Krystal said...