Friday, 18 July 2008

So thier something wrong with the side of my back, it just kills me by just slightly moving it (dont know whats wrong) so im going to have to lay still all day (which for me is practically impossible).
So to keep you guys entertained ill let you have a peek in my (not always so clean..) closet. First of all i want to show of my cute slips, i just love them, there simple and defiantly something ill be wearing when my heels a to much to bare.
My wardrobe, covers an entire wall in my room, it's not a walk in closet, but you could take three steps inside? Its coloured Coordinated and half the wall take up off Black, Grey, White and Navy. There my favourite colours to wear. I love my closet but i hate the annoying sliding mirror thtas ment to hide the whole closet, as there huge and im tiny and so F-ing heavy to move.

Lets just start with a couple of Bags that lay beside my bedI dont have that many, as i dont carry so many but my favourite bag with simply be the brown leather one form Topshop, before my fave bag would be the diamond heart clutch, but how much can a clutch bag carry? Everyone that knows me know i carry at least five pieces of cloths in there a pair of extra shows, FIVE Hundred hair brushes, yet my hair still looks like a mess.....
Next, ive put out all my heels, didnt feel like digging up my flats, as it would sworn my room with a rainbow of Ballerina flats and Converse....the box is simply to heavy
I have no fave heels to be honest? my least favourite heels, i guess these boots, i mean there hot, but ive wont them like x5.
I have no favourite Blazer, but i have a favourite kind of Blazer which are Navy blue once with Gold Button details.
I Love dresses...but i hate them on me. Im not that feminine and pretty much so masculine guys find me obnoxious, but i have one dress, that ive only worn once to my brothers graduation. This one is from Zara and my favourite kind of dress which are those with hidden pockets, i love the print (very 70's) the colour and its silky fabric. But then again i might never wear it again....
My favourite T's are this three black once. My studded Givenchy'esqu T shirt from Zara, My Bob Marley Tee which i love and got from my brother (my entire family are soo into Reggae, i on the other hand...not that much) and then there is Nirvana, also from my brother.
My favourit pair of jeans are anything by Cheap Monday, it's not only because im Swedish but they make the perfect fit for my tiny waist and more curvy hips, ive got an endless number of jeans (18-20) But these that have about 5 different wholes in them since i wore them through the year of 2006, stand out.
Favourit part of my room, the stack of magazines hidden in that little bit of space in my closet(can you spot my truth about Diamonds Book? I seriously havent even read it, just bought it back when i was inlove with Nicole Richie)
Okay gotta go relax, in My EMBARRASSING sponge Bob square pants PJ's
To keep me relaxed, I love to listen to Message in a Bottle by The Police


Your'e So Fetch! said...

If only I had that gold studded belt. Oh and I am glad to see im not the only one that color cordinates my closet!

Fashion Addict said...

Oh, you have a great closet filled with awesome clothes. And I love your shoe collection!

I was wondering, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

P.S. hope your back feels better!

MANGO said...

OH! i loove your spongebob pants! they're soo cute :) and i love your blazers too!


Elle said...

What an amazing collection, I love your coral (they look coral to me?) court shoes!

Elle x

Nina said...

I LOVE your closet, your shoes, your bags. Ah!