Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Elevator Fight

So I checked out one of my commentors Loraine's blog out and got to know that Zoe Kravitz got her own band called Elevator Fight. In my mind it seamed like the perfect match, what with her dad being my generations Hendrix.
BUT OH MY GOD, the bands shit. You barely hear, her lack there of vocals and I guess the bands more of an image thing rather then it is of an expression of creative art.
So far the only unexpected talent I love Is Gossip Girl Star Taylor Momsens band Pretty reckless. The name is amazing as well as her talent simply blows me away. I just wish she'd stop trying so hard to grow so fast...

Monday, 29 June 2009

Animal Fever

God I dont understand people smoking in general but when I see them smoke in this kind of heat, where breathing is a pain, its like....WHAT DA FUCK WOULD YOU PUT THAT OUT WEHRE ALREADY LIVING IN OVEN AND YOUR SETTING A FIRE!
Oh my god where actually in heat and im surprise that the bloggerfer hasent frozen yet! I mean come on I find it so hard to update my blog cuz, you spend no time at home and your just half naked most of the time cuz its sooo hot!

The air is actually still because thiers just heat and no breeze so its real unpleasant to stand in the sun and take a picture of what your wearing.

I had a great Birthday, My cake was actually amazing Im surprised by my culinary skills! My gifts, EVEN Better although there was one I didnt love. Im Huge the sims fan, but The sims 3, that game is utter bullshit, boring and the graphics....sooo shit! I was so pissed of by how hyped it was and how the game turned out to be nothing like it.

I got loads of Topshop gift Cards(Must be some running joke in my family) and this Christopher Kane'esque Gorilla was one of them my purchases. Its actually a real long dress and would look amazing worn down with my leather jacket.....Okay its to hot im gonna have to say bye now.
Everyhting im wearings from Topshop

My Recipe to an awesome Summer

A Denim Shirt
A Playsuite
An amazing piece of pastel Coloured Clothing (Bodycon Skirt)
And a small slice of of White Lace

Friday, 26 June 2009

So Tomorrows my birthday! Im actually not to exited, I mean yeah im turning nineteen...but its no such big deal I just feel like im getting old which isnt fun. I dont have that much planned for tomorrow(sucks that my Bdays in the middle of the summer when everyone worth inviting is on a holiday) but I have lined up loads of my fave movies (Mean Girls, Breakfast Club, Empire Records etc....) And bake my fave Strawberry and cream layer cake, filled with melting chocolate and almonds (yeah this is sure going ot help my diet...)

Oh I've also decided that I no longer want the Pearl Jam tickets (ill plan a festival trip with a friend next year) and I really have tried my best to practise playing the guitar...im just so easily distracted and frustrated. Once fun becomes work...its no fun. So i guess im not gonna cash out a full £5oo on something I wont use to its full potential. I am however getting a record player!!!

Yesterday I woke up real early to start spending some of the birthday money my Mom gave me earlier, at ofcourse...TOPSHOP. AND OH MY GOD have you ever found that when you have like no money everything you love and could possibly buy shows up in your fave stores, but when your handed that amazing piece of plastic yet all stores are so dull and empty....that was TOPSHOP yesterday! I spent 2 houres walking around and picked up stuff that i didnt want yet bought them anyway...so im going to have to take some stuff back...like these harem pants!
But i do love my Lace Suite!

Get the look...

...Just go to Topshop

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I wished I was like you....easily amused

So All apologies if I in anyway came across as absolutely annoying with the last post, I just felt really horrible and couldn't bare letting anyone look at me or my body that day. I've had a low self esteem about my body for ages(I seem to have this distorted image of myself)
Rarely do I ever look in the mirror and see the exact same person I saw last time or anytime before that, which makes it hard to know who i am...however personally I've felt absolutely fine about myself as an actual human being and not this...shell that I posses.
Thanks for all the sweet words, I'll try not to bitch about it on my blog again.
So this outfit was inspired by a comment i received today on an earlier post, when someone was mortified that I had matched "socks with wedges!"
I mean come one since when where there rules in fashion, so i figured it would be funny to match a pair of knee socks with my wedges.

Bowler hat - H&M
Denim shirt - Zara
Top - Topshop
Knee Socks - My friends Sammy which i borrowed and will so return (SORRY!)
Wedges - Office

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Thank you God.....

....for making me feel so fucking fat after this. Im loosing weight already!
Any good diet tips?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

So I promised a quick report on what to keep an eye out on when tackling the stress of summer sales. You always seem to end up coming home with five hundred bags filled with clothing you’d probably not where and simply bought on impulse because the price was slashed by 70%. You also don’t want to be a common victim of the trend shopper which is a person that seems to purchase every trendy product which currently is “in”. A real bargain isn’t the brand or the price, but the quality and workmanship. You want to invest in long term clothing essentials. You’re looking at quality first and price later. To make things easier for me, since I change my look pretty often when Sale shopping I look for what I already own and love to death, but might want in a different colour, which in my case would be Blazers and heels. You then must look for what you know will be an “it” piece next season, so invest on buying a few of those now.Which is what I’m going to share with you now. From what I’ve seen walk down the Runways of A/W 09 and what will be translated to high street store wear

Cant stress it enough! It was a must have last season but rather than the stockings versions which we sported last season, look to tops (singlet’s) and dresses. To be more specific we won’t be going gothic this time around and are lighting up to a more Givenchy approach to this.

I’ll be sporting my white singlet’s with grey/black jodhpurs(as seen on
Balenciaga which is bound to come back in both sequin and silk) but for sale you
could safely invest on a pair of harem pants if you already haven’t. Also
Investing in lace right now will help you with I believe might become an up and
coming trend where called Peek-a-boo.
Its simply the art of hidden sexuality
where certain parts of your body will be exposed yet sophisticatedly covered in
lace (as seen above by Stella)

Graphic leggings where dawned last season, as well as this summer by the likes of Alexander McQueen and will follow us into winter as shown below.
Before when a female wanted to teas and take risks with their looks, the raced the hems of their skirts or dresses exposing more leg. We then moved on to a more cartoonish humour with flamboyant prints exploding with colour.

This season where aiming for a more futuristic look.
Having seen that there have been allot of leggings in stores this summer I would buy a few and to have fun where maybe a pair of lace stockings over an already crazy pattern to give a nice double layer look.

I’m personally going to try to find me a pair of cropped harem pants (from
Topshop) which I’ll wear a pair of crazy leggings and lace over, exposing
that...well peek-a-boo effect.
I’m more than certain that sequins leggings will go on sale which will work just as well this season. Do try to snap up any skirts tops, jumpers or blazer sequins...In other words invest on sequins! A definite splurge is to purchase that sequin blazer no matter what; Roberto Cavalli brought it back and Blamain proved that something good is worth spending on as it will most definitely come back for another round.
Now you probably won’t be finding this on sale as it more a next season item, but I have come across a few so far but got my eye on a pair thigh high suede boots from Topshop. We’ve seen the likes of Emmanuelle Alt. I’m still trying to figure out how on earth id wear a pair of these next season or if I should even buy I pair in the first place. I mean there no point of wearing pants since they practically take up your entire leg (which will be especially difficult for me being 5’3).
This is a good example on some designer “it” pieces or looks that might be raved on about by everyone, but don’t necessarily relate to what you should wear personally. This entire season I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should buy harem pants...and actually keep them. I try them on in the dressing room not really loving the way they look on me (I might not have the figure for it) yet still buy them cuz the only image in my mind are all those beautiful girls I’ve seen in them and the editorial shoots that makes you want somewhat become part of that world where everything’s fabulous.
So, I might cave in if I find a nice pair on sale, otherwise it’s not worth wasting your money on.

Okay my review may have been short, but just because theres a sale dosent mean you have to go all out, be a smart shopper and invest wisely.....oh and wear comfortable shoes your going to do allot of running

P.S dig out your old bisycal protective gear under your clothes, there be allot of pushing and shoving as well.