Sunday, 21 June 2009

So I promised a quick report on what to keep an eye out on when tackling the stress of summer sales. You always seem to end up coming home with five hundred bags filled with clothing you’d probably not where and simply bought on impulse because the price was slashed by 70%. You also don’t want to be a common victim of the trend shopper which is a person that seems to purchase every trendy product which currently is “in”. A real bargain isn’t the brand or the price, but the quality and workmanship. You want to invest in long term clothing essentials. You’re looking at quality first and price later. To make things easier for me, since I change my look pretty often when Sale shopping I look for what I already own and love to death, but might want in a different colour, which in my case would be Blazers and heels. You then must look for what you know will be an “it” piece next season, so invest on buying a few of those now.Which is what I’m going to share with you now. From what I’ve seen walk down the Runways of A/W 09 and what will be translated to high street store wear

Cant stress it enough! It was a must have last season but rather than the stockings versions which we sported last season, look to tops (singlet’s) and dresses. To be more specific we won’t be going gothic this time around and are lighting up to a more Givenchy approach to this.

I’ll be sporting my white singlet’s with grey/black jodhpurs(as seen on
Balenciaga which is bound to come back in both sequin and silk) but for sale you
could safely invest on a pair of harem pants if you already haven’t. Also
Investing in lace right now will help you with I believe might become an up and
coming trend where called Peek-a-boo.
Its simply the art of hidden sexuality
where certain parts of your body will be exposed yet sophisticatedly covered in
lace (as seen above by Stella)

Graphic leggings where dawned last season, as well as this summer by the likes of Alexander McQueen and will follow us into winter as shown below.
Before when a female wanted to teas and take risks with their looks, the raced the hems of their skirts or dresses exposing more leg. We then moved on to a more cartoonish humour with flamboyant prints exploding with colour.

This season where aiming for a more futuristic look.
Having seen that there have been allot of leggings in stores this summer I would buy a few and to have fun where maybe a pair of lace stockings over an already crazy pattern to give a nice double layer look.

I’m personally going to try to find me a pair of cropped harem pants (from
Topshop) which I’ll wear a pair of crazy leggings and lace over, exposing
that...well peek-a-boo effect.
I’m more than certain that sequins leggings will go on sale which will work just as well this season. Do try to snap up any skirts tops, jumpers or blazer sequins...In other words invest on sequins! A definite splurge is to purchase that sequin blazer no matter what; Roberto Cavalli brought it back and Blamain proved that something good is worth spending on as it will most definitely come back for another round.
Now you probably won’t be finding this on sale as it more a next season item, but I have come across a few so far but got my eye on a pair thigh high suede boots from Topshop. We’ve seen the likes of Emmanuelle Alt. I’m still trying to figure out how on earth id wear a pair of these next season or if I should even buy I pair in the first place. I mean there no point of wearing pants since they practically take up your entire leg (which will be especially difficult for me being 5’3).
This is a good example on some designer “it” pieces or looks that might be raved on about by everyone, but don’t necessarily relate to what you should wear personally. This entire season I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should buy harem pants...and actually keep them. I try them on in the dressing room not really loving the way they look on me (I might not have the figure for it) yet still buy them cuz the only image in my mind are all those beautiful girls I’ve seen in them and the editorial shoots that makes you want somewhat become part of that world where everything’s fabulous.
So, I might cave in if I find a nice pair on sale, otherwise it’s not worth wasting your money on.

Okay my review may have been short, but just because theres a sale dosent mean you have to go all out, be a smart shopper and invest wisely.....oh and wear comfortable shoes your going to do allot of running

P.S dig out your old bisycal protective gear under your clothes, there be allot of pushing and shoving as well.


Little Bo Peeep said...

I'm loving the leggings and lace section! :)

Anonymous said...

just got myself some lace leggings
thanks for the great inspiration!

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Roxane said...

Nice dress. I also love sequins clothes

La Femme Chic said...

The lady in the last photo looks amazing in those thigh-high boots. Now I want a pair.

Young Damsel said...

holy moley--those leggings man<33 yummy!


Ms. Butterfly said...

This was a great post, enjoyed all that fashion eye candy. Leggings and knee high boots...I'm still searching.

Ms. Butterfly said...

p.s. I didn't just get married just decided to use my wedding pic for profile photo.

JINX said...

your sense of style is amzing



TheGlamorousEccentric said...

great pics! drooling over theboots!

preppygoesrock said...

i so love lace ever since prada made it chic
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Champagne said...

I loved your review. You really hit on some good trends for next season. I wish I could wear the tight high boots too. But I can't since I'm so short. 4'9" to be excat.