Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Love to Hate

........oh how I love heated debates and Marisa, you made a ver valid point and I appreciate it but the the follwing will explain why i didnt, however keep in mind im answering Anonymous Q...being an A-hole and everything
First of all don’t flatter yourself by thinking that you’ve got me figured out. Yes I don’t sugar coat, meaning, if I want to say something I will no matter how nasty it may seem. Proving my points Isn’t at all as necessary to me because I’m just sharing an opinion and I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if you believed me or not, hence not feeling the need to post a load of images. I also wouldn’t waste my time saving images of people’s looks that I don’t like....
I have never felt the need to explain the way I am to anyone and I am certainly not going to feel the need to explain myself to anyone that seemed to have entirely missed the point of my post . My previous post was just my point of view on huge issue that lives within the fashion industry, so if you follow fashion you would know what the fuck I was talking about and take the post as it is......
But if you must know i for example dont get the big deal about Sea of shoes. I see a sweet interesting girl who seems to have a very amazing bond with her family, with well, a sea of designer shoes and Vintage cloths, but no mirror. I find myself constantly being inspired by risk takers, but not of those that make it merely for shock factor. So we have a wealthy girl with a closet i could probably dream of, with an eye for detail yet not precise enough within apparel looks.

P.S Anonymous go fuck yourself, hows that for sugar coating :)


shebeen said...

You can write exactly what you want on your blog.
I don´t get people commenting that it was a pointless post.
I post loads of pointless posts on my blog/s, and neither I or you are forcing anyone to read what we write.


X said...

I don't get it....didn't think anonymous was being that harsh at all, it was kinda legitimate question as at the beggening you said you were always honest and upfront with your opinion and didn't sugar coat but at the end you said you didn't want to offend.
don't mean to be mean just it was a lil confusing!

Hanna Rosengren said...

petepetepete! såg han förra sommaren, underbar!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha thanks for telling me to fuck myself. How nice but of course I shouldn’t be surprise. I don't think I was rude to you in anyway in my comment. I was very confused about your post and did not see the point in it and had to ask. If you wanted to clarify in case I didn’t understand then GREAT! If not then that’s OKAY too. Just had to give you my two cents because I was left scratching my head after reading and wondering where this was going. I would assume that is what using the comment box is for. So you don't need to get defensive and tell me to fuck myself because I don’t think you are all that tough like you are trying to make yourself seem. Then again maybe you are not being defensive… maybe it is just your favorite words. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. If I disagree with your post, I think I have a right to make comments about that just like you had a right to make the post you made but to tell you to "Fuck yourself" I don't think that is going to get me anywhere because I was not being mean at all. But hey! Do whatever makes you feel good and if that does it for you then so be it.

Have a good evening Angel :-)