Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sorry about my language....

Look im not going to turn my blog into the House of Commons alright, ide like to post an outfit post, share my opinion as well as being weird disgusting or mean, without anyone questioning my authority to do so. Im open to criticism, BUT, im not trying to push a belief or right open any of my reader, your all welcome to your own opinions.
However I do not appreciate people trying to push whatever crap they believe on me, I already stated my opinion went out of my norm and Explained myself, if thats not enough, again....GO FUCK YOURSELF.
If i where to do what anonymous requested, it would completely overshadow the simple point i was trying to make. It would refrain from being a statement made by me...cuz you see if i posted the pics, yes that would be taking it a step to far.
Why one might ask since I dont give a shit?
Since this is something i personally dont believe in helping me illustrate my point, as well as in fashion there are various looks and different tastes, and my taste might not suit yours and vice versa, its something I wouldnt do, is something i havent done and am not yet prepared to do without sound reasoning behind it. Once I've got that im fine. So when anyone questions it im completely aware and comfortable with how I came about my statement............. even if it comes across as mean. In this case I didnt have it cuz i felt that it was of no need.
Thats why Anonymous can shove it, cuz it was a mear statement, not a campaign. And X im not an idiot so dont come to my blog and make yourself look like one.
OH and before i forget, HEY SAMMY! Thanks for the text!


Ara said...

What a nice skirt!!!! Where is it from? I love your style, but if I didn't I wouldn't feel the need to trash it, hehe, do people do that? You look so different from one outfit post to another, it's exciting to not knowing what's next. :)

Hanna Rosengren said...

Ah det va sjukt att se honom. Han gick runt på festivalområdet med! sick att se pete så bara och sen på konserten med!!

Jag kan förstå att det blev en disasster, boys like him dosent last very long!

Anonymous said...

no intention to blow anyone's top here but i feel what you were saying before. there are blogs i don't get and can't relate to at all. i don't have money or many pretty shoes. i do like seeing photos of stuff i can only dream of and it's nice if some can afford that, but enough is... well, too much, in some cases.

and btw, i prefer you post just as weird disgusting or mean things you want. that's the best thing in being a blogger!

j.marie said...

I love your skirt! It shouldn't matter one some idiot says about anything!

P.S. I LOVE Your header and side photos. Lennon and studded boots. xo

Anonymous said...

skirt is awesome

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ALEXANDRA P. said...

I LOVE your mini! Wher'd you find it?

Sabila Anata said...

OMG ! I soo love ur skirt! Where did u get it ??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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