Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pleas stop

Yeah so exams are finally over and im feeling pretty confident about the work a put into it.
I taught I would now be able to relax and no longer be tensely awkward.....I guessed wrong!Things have just gone....I dont know, Party Monster.
And even do I've come home as an escape from my usual scene im still tormented about the awful shit and actually, what pretty mean person I am.
Gonna probably regret posting this tomorrow, but i just got to get me straight and make sure i
-I get a job before the 27th
-Sign the freaking contracts for my apartment(which my dad wont get me if i dont get a job...)
-Buy a sewing Machine as I've decided im going to finally make time this summer to bring my sketches to life.
-And finish the business plan for my online business im working on
Its allot....But i think its about time i fucking pushed myself towards what I personally feel I need to achieve inorder to have a piece of mind for once. Studying Law is something, but It's something that at the end of the day, wont help make me....feel better about myself.


Young Damsel said...

you're back! i hope you did well on your exams!
if your dream big, you score big<33


Dana said...

Good luck!! I'd love to look your sketches come true!!!

I hope you get a job!!! , a great one!!

I'm watching Metallica tomorrow!!

Ms. Butterfly said...

Wish you success on the job & apartment.

Mads said...

Good luck on the apartment! those girls look so cool!=)