Wednesday, 10 June 2009

ugh that is so last season

Remember how those mean girls used to tell you that. You wear a cute outfit to school, the outfit that made you fell so fresh and pretty, yet when measured up against your pares you come across as odd and out of date. Your like that carton of milk that you eagerly grab to pour over a bowl filled with cereal. You grab that spoon and scoop a big one and open up wide. Just when you let it all sink in you realize....that it out of date.
Well just like the saying, keeping up with trends are sooo 2 decades ago.....
(oh and PS: Anonymous you dont have to worry about possibly offending me it takes allot to do that, feel free to writte more shit im honestly not bothered by it, Thnaks for loving my blog!)


Fuglen said...

Saved my day :D

Nikk said...

Rich hippie! Love you :) Would love for you to answer a few questions, guest blogger thing for my blog.

please drop me a line if interested

shine on,

Elysium said...

Haha, brilliant :) And besides, you're right, the whole point of fashion is meant to be about originality and personal style, so who cares about following trends. Great blog :)