Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Thank you God.....

....for making me feel so fucking fat after this. Im loosing weight already!
Any good diet tips?


nele said...

Firstly: You DO NOT look fat.
Secondly: (and just because I know how one feels after looking at model-pics for hours)
-> a glass of very warm water in the morning, before you eat anything else (metabolism!)
-> a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit-juice (metabolism take 2!)
-> no carbs at night

Anonymous said...

you look great!! really!

and i agree with nele: warm water (with fresh lemon juice) as soon as you wake up in the morning and then a good citrus juice mid-morning.

almonds to snack on, lots of green and colorful veggies. eat low-fat cheese and cut back carbs by not eating them after 5pm and by trading typical carbs for healthy grain breads/crackers and sweet potoatos!

but really this should just be a lifestyle choice and change, not to lose weight. you look amazing and if you eat right and drink a lot of water your mind will feel better, giving you confidence to do anything and look any way.

Anonymous said...

nooo way!
I'd be so pleased if I had a figure like yours

Anonymous said...

shut up you are drop dead gorgeous.

i love that dress on you.

shebeen said...

sjukt snyggt!

Anonymous said...

that dress is awesome, you're nowhere near fat
but if you want to feel better, heres a few tips

1. it takes your stomach at LEAST 20 minutes to register that it's full and doesn't need anymore food. eat slower.
2. take a sip of water between each bite.
3. youre not fat =]

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Mini Meows said...

Hey hun (:

I love your blog!
& all your pictures <3

Btw , how'd you manage to get the rainbow-y effect in your picture?

( please do let me know : harmini.a@hotmail.com )

Champagne said...

Pretty much whatever one else said. Also, try not to eat after 9:00 at night. No snacks before bed either.

Anonymous said...

(beware: long comment)

You´re not fat!
You do not look fat.
I´m not saying this to suck up
I´m saying this because I don´t want you to turn into a skeleton.
DO NOT go on a diet to get thinner.

Here are some tips, besides the one everyone else has already mentioned±

-Wait between main course and dessert, it takes some time for your body to send the signal of 'full' to your brain.
-Which is also the reason why you must not push your food down your throat, but chew well. This also helps for your stomic to digest it.
-Try not to eat throughout the whole day, but at the same time everyday (try to atleast). DON'T eat less, just eat as much as you did before. But break it up in 5 'phases' 1:breakfast 2:(fruit/yoghurt/mueslibar) snack. 3:lunch 4. (healthy)snack 6: dinner.
-Eat lotsoff fruit and stuff. Yoghurt and fruit in the morning is easier to digest for your body, but it gives you the energy and colories you need. It's better then bread in the morning, because your stomach hasn't 'started up' yet after you've just woken up.
- Excersise, go swimming, it is more fun then jogging and less harsh on your joints and bones plus you use your whole body instead of just the lower part.

Last but not least:
1. You're gorgeous
2. You're style is impecible
3. I love your blog
4. I love your sassy attitude
5. Good luck with the healthy eating.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress and may I say you are tiny so don't be going off doing any of those crazy diets! Instead aim for a healthier diet or as its called now a "lifestyle change".
As i'm a complete nutrition freak i'll give u some of my best tips ..they wrk very well for me - slightly extreme though:)!

- Cut out all processed foods, wheat, dairy, limit red meat!
- Eat lots of fruit+veg, fish, chicken!
- Try grains like lentils or quinoa that have basically noo fat and as much protein as a steak!
- if your having a choc/sugar craving go for an organic dark chocolate which is actually very good for you and very nutritious!
- drink boiling water with lemon before breakfast in the morning
- Try avoid starchy foods and only eat them on an odd occasion
- 2 tsps of Apple Cider Vinegar with bowling water..supposedly burns fat..i have a cup every night!
- Limit ur sugar and try use natural sugars such as maple syrup or honey!
- great alternatives to wheat are spelt and buckwheat(nothing like wheat)..very low in carbs!
- eat unsalted nuts as an afternoon snack..especially almonds which have been proven to aid weight loss!
- try not to eat after 7.30ish in the evening..any foods eaten after this time are not digested properly and therefore your body stores it as fat!

woaaah apologies for the long post but hope some of my tips help!




you're NOT FAT! lol! but if you really want to shed some weight, i suggest going vegetarian. :)