Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Monday, 29 December 2008

A Crow Left Of Murder

So sorry for the long overdue outfit post, but Ive been I'll so standing outside in -2degrees wasn't an attractive thing to do. But i did make my way out as i felt i owed you guys (their are no smiles on my face because i was dying!)
Now the point of this was originally to get your opinion on this new coat i got from Zara. Now sadly its to late cuz i decided to take it back today, cuz i felt that the coat being as amazing as it was, was simply to big (even if it wear an XS) and to limited to one type of look, which in this case would be all black, more darker....matrix'esque look.
Now for me that's a bad thing, since my closet is made for a more minimalistic person. So for me to have versatile pieces of clothing is crucial. I'll just hang on and wait for something more in the style of Jill Sanders High Collars, cuz thats what i look out for in any coat or Blazer. For me, my perfect Coat of would have to have a Sharp Asymmetrical collar and be pretty high, slim fitted arms, Hip lenght or shorter, Navy Blue or Black and double breasted. the closest one i've found to a coat like the one is the one by From Balenciagas A/W 06 Collection(seen worn here by Sienna Miller) thats the same collection that held those amazing Mary-Kate Platform ankle boots.
Oh and before I forget The New Balmain'esque Faux leather pants I bought from Topshop
sorry, but wasent able to capture how its shorter in the back and grows longer in the front, it had an amazing reverse tail effect. oh man now im kind of missing it....what do you guys think, did i do wrong or righ by returning it?
Wearing Former Coat, R.I.P - Zara Black polo Neck - New Look Grey T shirt - H&M Fauxleather Pants - Topshop Ankle Boots - Topshop

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Your my stray puppy....

Another one!!! You've got like 15 Coats and Blazers already!!!(direct quot from my mother)
Just like a pair of jeans, finding a coat that fits like a glove is a nightmare, I've just recently purchased an amazingly avant gard styled black coat from Zara. It's a size XS but still huge, now im not sure if thats the fit its meant to follow but i recall trying on the same coat when they only had it in a medium and it looking amazing! Now when ive finally purchased it and brought it home (in an XS instead) i feel well.....BIG in it. It dosent seem to flatter my shape the way i like (which would be more fitter around the waist where im the smallest.
Now this could just be in my head cuz im aware of me having a distorted image of myself. I want to keep it, but at the same time i feel like if i keep it for to long and change my mind it may be to late to take it back. So, dont have pics of the coat yet on me but i will put them up tomorrow, so ide really appreciate your opinion as to how it looks on me. I am aware that not every look suits everyone, no matter how "In" it may be.
As my number one style tip has always been
-"Own an amazing Jacket and a stunning pair of black platform heels and you could throw on a quickly look and still look amazing, without that you went for the basic jeans and t shirt impression to it"
cuz come on guys you know thats so dead and a cheap and quick way to wanting to look stylish. I dont know how many magazines I've picked up and have read the style tip wear your perfect fit jeans and loose T-shirt paired with you favourite heel and accessory and look "Fab in no time".
Which is true, my daily looks are usually minimalistic and less colorful as expressed here on my blog, but come on, one has to get a little more personal and creative about thier style than that.
Okay never written this much before so i'll stop. Ill be sure to add some Pics of my Coat tomorrow and my very Balmain'esque leather pants that a purchased fromTopshop on sale! (must haves!coat, Blazer and leather jacket)

Saturday, 27 December 2008

....okay here come another apology. I've fallen ill again and i cant stand up with everything going all bright and that even a word? I did however force myself to check out the sales and ill show you guys (I Promise) the stuff i got plus an outfit post. I'm inlove with this RadioHead song called The Talk Show Host it was used in that amazing movie Romeo+Juliet starring Leonardo Dicapro and Clair Danes. Ehm i got tagged again by Marie C this time, i know i havent tagged seven other people yet for my first one but i promise ill get to it.
The rules where to state 7 random things about myself.
1.Well the first one would be i love crazy people Ive always wanted to study psychology just to have the opportunity to observe their mind as i believe that their exist this very fine line between an insane person and an absolute genius...its a long and crazy theory but ive always wanted to discover that line.
2. My eyes are dark brown with a thin blue lines around my irisis.
3.hahaha i like drying my body with a hair dryer after i get out of the shower (im going to regret writing that)
4. I used to want to be a fashion designer, but i cant sew that well so i gave up.
5.Dont get the big deal about Audry Hepburn (dont kill me!)
6. I instantly fall asleep in cars, it's the most relaxing place on earth.
7. Im Swedish yet constantly mistaken to be American (apparently i have a heavy accent)
Okay im not big on discussing current events so im going back to bed now, see you guys tomorrow and thank you for visiting my blog

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hey you guys!
Sorry ive tried to post something interesting but i just end up deleting it and then ofourse i get distracted by my new game....ROCKBAND!! I dont care its better than Guitar Hero and ive been playing it for two days straight and like.... Alright i understand that this is a fashion blog so im going to quite the crap.
I dress in alot of black cuz i find it as such a simple and versatile look to go for.
I got tagged by j'adore fashion i believe to mention 7 personal things about me.
Im really not that personal i just tend to hide allot cuz well, if any of you guys got to know how I'd think I am some Obnoxious Bitch.

1. I am insanely afraid of snails, I just freeze and at times am brought to tears.
2. There's always song playing in my head, ide like to think that my life is a movie with an assume soundtrack. So my iPods like a diary, cuz every song got a locked moment of my life that ide like to rember and am often braught back to when played. I also love to shuffle a song when i need an answer or guidance to any problem i might have for an answer.
3. I hate everyone that had the opportunity to see Nirvana perform when they where around...and didnt!!!
4. Im a Daddy's Girl
5.Ive dark blue rings around my Irises, so you could say i have dark Brown eyes, with Blue rings around them.
6.Ehm im nervous i but my bottom lip and then lick them....
7. My biggest fair is dieing and being forgotten, so my major goal in life is making my way into history, that way I'd be remembered.

Well that wasent that bad....


Other than his beautiful presence im actually looking for the optical version of these buddy holly styled Wafers. I lost my glasses a while ago and well need to get a new pair, not big fan of contacts and cant keep squinting at the board. So if anyone knows where i could find a pair, leave a comment. (ugh dont you want to R*pe him!!!)

Friday, 19 December 2008

Russian Lumberjak

Im sitting sulking by the computer....I REALLY WANT GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR. Im like over playing G3 over and over again...

Anyway i promised and outfit post and here you have it. I baught this new Blazer yesterday at H&M i was just about to walk out (H&M has gotten really dull lately) when i noticed a blazer that i was craving from Topshop but was completely sold out. This version is more cropped but i still fell in love with it.
Oh yes i got my New camera, the Sony Cybershot T77, skinny little fella and just the way i wanted it.

Hmm dont really know what to talk about since im a little distracted by my little sister mastering slipknots song on Guitar Hero.....

Fuzzy Hat - Some Danish Market Blazer - H&M Black T shirt - H&M Skinny Jeans - Cheap Monday
Black Bag - "Supposed" Vivienne Westwood Black Suede Ankle Boots - Topshop (oh and a throw over poncho, to cold...)

Okay You guys, keep your finger crossed form me to be able to convince my dad to get me my own PS3+Tv+Guitar Hero World Tour for Christmas to take to my dorm room (my greedy sister wont give hers up..)