Tuesday, 16 December 2008

If I was a Woman ide wear.....

Going hunting for a Sony Cybershot tomorrow! Im still contemplating whether or not i should get the T700 model or just the T77...hmmm?

Anyway Im home for the Holidays and feeling much better. other than seeing the family again im os happy to get back to my desktop computer that got all my songs!! Imagine a month without Pearl Jam and Bjork....THE HORROR, might even be the reason why i got sick in the first place.
Thinking about my wish list this Christmas other than World Peace ide love

A gift card to Topshop
Some Biography's of my role models (need to find a good one on Edie and Andy now...)
and a whole bunch of Vinly's!!

I've decided I'm going to start collecting them and not just any, but of bands i actually listen to, so far ive got an amazing one by Nirvana on My fave album Bleach, up next is to find Pearl Jams Rearviewmirror and...okay enough talking i feel some rambling coming on.

Ps Im going to start some If i was post...ill explain that later.
PS PS!! This post will probably change, request any male style icon you'd like to see be translated into womanswear!!


Dana said...

I love Andy Warhol too. Have you seen the film I shot Andy Warhol? It's great.

saro said...

I really like the prefall 09 from Alexander Wang, love the bike pants.

Bob dylan wouldn't be so bad, in the woman way *-)

kisses :*

Anonymous said...

^^I agree with Bob Dylan.

also Jimi Hendrix. I love those military jackets he wore.

Rich Hippie said...

Wow okay Bobs a little difficult but i love a challange! keep them coming

w. said...

im gonna go ahead and say i'd like to see pete doherty..despite what any one says, im still madly in love with the guy.