Saturday, 27 December 2008

....okay here come another apology. I've fallen ill again and i cant stand up with everything going all bright and that even a word? I did however force myself to check out the sales and ill show you guys (I Promise) the stuff i got plus an outfit post. I'm inlove with this RadioHead song called The Talk Show Host it was used in that amazing movie Romeo+Juliet starring Leonardo Dicapro and Clair Danes. Ehm i got tagged again by Marie C this time, i know i havent tagged seven other people yet for my first one but i promise ill get to it.
The rules where to state 7 random things about myself.
1.Well the first one would be i love crazy people Ive always wanted to study psychology just to have the opportunity to observe their mind as i believe that their exist this very fine line between an insane person and an absolute genius...its a long and crazy theory but ive always wanted to discover that line.
2. My eyes are dark brown with a thin blue lines around my irisis.
3.hahaha i like drying my body with a hair dryer after i get out of the shower (im going to regret writing that)
4. I used to want to be a fashion designer, but i cant sew that well so i gave up.
5.Dont get the big deal about Audry Hepburn (dont kill me!)
6. I instantly fall asleep in cars, it's the most relaxing place on earth.
7. Im Swedish yet constantly mistaken to be American (apparently i have a heavy accent)
Okay im not big on discussing current events so im going back to bed now, see you guys tomorrow and thank you for visiting my blog


Noshabelle said...

Swedish? I'm Norwegian - not that far away :P

saro said...

Hah, du är svenska. Tog ett tag att fatta trots att du skrev på svenska i min blogg. IQ 9000 på mig o.O Gillar din blogg iaf. Den har en originalitet.