Sunday, 28 December 2008

Your my stray puppy....

Another one!!! You've got like 15 Coats and Blazers already!!!(direct quot from my mother)
Just like a pair of jeans, finding a coat that fits like a glove is a nightmare, I've just recently purchased an amazingly avant gard styled black coat from Zara. It's a size XS but still huge, now im not sure if thats the fit its meant to follow but i recall trying on the same coat when they only had it in a medium and it looking amazing! Now when ive finally purchased it and brought it home (in an XS instead) i feel well.....BIG in it. It dosent seem to flatter my shape the way i like (which would be more fitter around the waist where im the smallest.
Now this could just be in my head cuz im aware of me having a distorted image of myself. I want to keep it, but at the same time i feel like if i keep it for to long and change my mind it may be to late to take it back. So, dont have pics of the coat yet on me but i will put them up tomorrow, so ide really appreciate your opinion as to how it looks on me. I am aware that not every look suits everyone, no matter how "In" it may be.
As my number one style tip has always been
-"Own an amazing Jacket and a stunning pair of black platform heels and you could throw on a quickly look and still look amazing, without that you went for the basic jeans and t shirt impression to it"
cuz come on guys you know thats so dead and a cheap and quick way to wanting to look stylish. I dont know how many magazines I've picked up and have read the style tip wear your perfect fit jeans and loose T-shirt paired with you favourite heel and accessory and look "Fab in no time".
Which is true, my daily looks are usually minimalistic and less colorful as expressed here on my blog, but come on, one has to get a little more personal and creative about thier style than that.
Okay never written this much before so i'll stop. Ill be sure to add some Pics of my Coat tomorrow and my very Balmain'esque leather pants that a purchased fromTopshop on sale! (must haves!coat, Blazer and leather jacket)

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Fashion Addict said...

I'd love to see a photo of your coat, sounds nice! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season and have a happy new year!