Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hey you guys!
Sorry ive tried to post something interesting but i just end up deleting it and then ofourse i get distracted by my new game....ROCKBAND!! I dont care its better than Guitar Hero and ive been playing it for two days straight and like.... Alright i understand that this is a fashion blog so im going to quite the crap.
I dress in alot of black cuz i find it as such a simple and versatile look to go for.
I got tagged by j'adore fashion i believe to mention 7 personal things about me.
Im really not that personal i just tend to hide allot cuz well, if any of you guys got to know how I am...you'd think I am some Obnoxious Bitch.

1. I am insanely afraid of snails, I just freeze and at times am brought to tears.
2. There's always song playing in my head, ide like to think that my life is a movie with an assume soundtrack. So my iPods like a diary, cuz every song got a locked moment of my life that ide like to rember and am often braught back to when played. I also love to shuffle a song when i need an answer or guidance to any problem i might have for an answer.
3. I hate everyone that had the opportunity to see Nirvana perform when they where around...and didnt!!!
4. Im a Daddy's Girl
5.Ive dark blue rings around my Irises, so you could say i have dark Brown eyes, with Blue rings around them.
6.Ehm im nervous i but my bottom lip and then lick them....
7. My biggest fair is dieing and being forgotten, so my major goal in life is making my way into history, that way I'd be remembered.

Well that wasent that bad....


Dana said...

Merry Xmas!!

Enjoy rockband :)

Nike said...

your blogs rele good!


Maria C said...

holey moles... your blog totally rocks! it's like a freakn magazine!!
i love it!!


J'Adore Fashion said...

that was a fun read, #1,2 are so funny. i like the last one too. nice tights!!xx

julia from swe said...

i totally love your tights! bought were!?? and the hat :}

well i love your blog too, awsome :)

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