Thursday, 31 July 2008

God im so tired....actually i havent done that much today other then waking up at 13:00 having some frozen yogurt and wandering around the house for a while. Ehm todays outfit was worn mainly because i woke up in the morning already wearing my shorts? and my shirt haven been lost for like 500years magically showed up on my table. My hair hasent been combed for like lest see 9 weeks, ive made several attempts but there are to many curls and nots in it i kinda gave up, hahhaha, you guys must be totally grossed out by this. Like right now my finges are just tangled up in my hair just trying to pull it straight it might look kinda okay in the pics but believe me a it aint pretty
Bowl hat - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Shirts - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Aldo

..........this is pretty much how i look right now, tired and stuck with my bad habbit of licking and bitting my lips.
Update:ill just add this post here. im loving MK's new found grunge look(have you noticed the latest candids where shes started tieng shirts aroud her trend? hope not). Always wanted nto go all the way with a My Luxuriouse grunge idea but i havent been able to snabb enough plaid shirts(hopefully the new vintage stoe i foudn will have some) but for now look at this insperational beauty in her various flannel shirts. Flannels a trend this season (although with an aristocrastic twist) so be sure to grabb something...lumberjacky.


Dana said...

Why are they always wearing those amazing purses? They must have like a million! I love their style, but I guess that huge-shirt style doesn't fit me!

Your'e So Fetch! said...

I am still loving that hat of yours!

MakiMaki Vintage said...

ahh, the olsons. so fabulous, so undeserving.
ps-the feeling is so mutual. thanks for the sweet words. love your look.

SAMIRA said...

I looove your out fit.. you're soo... fabolousaa!! :D hahahahha
. hoppas du nöjer dej me de här!

Jillian said...

god i love mk!!!
she just stays true to herself always and i really wish i could do that as well.

btw u pull off that look really well! i especially love your bag!

S said...

That hat looks better on you than I've pretty much seen a hat like that look on 99% of the population. Fabulous look in total actually.

And yes, I am all for the return of haute grunge right now!

Mimi said...

Love those oversized pla chemises.I didn't find a good one yet.
Great look.

aziza said...

I think mostly I like her hair. It's so long and flowy and it helps with her aesthetic.

chlozzard said...

aaah, gotta love a lumberjack shirt! i love the olsens, although i cant see the whole tieing shirts round your waist trend catching on... :P

Anonymous said...

ok, when i go out, i don't like to look as if i've come out of a tumble-dryer! thats how these olsen twins always look like to me...and for crying out loud, at least they should try and look as if they actually shower and wash that hair!

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