Monday, 7 July 2008

Todays outfit, i decided or actually didn't notice i went all black. It was raining alot today (had to Chase my rabbit Hippie may, gotten so dam fast...) but the day still ended well with some sunshine. Went to my sisters lame basket bla bla bla. I've totally got nothing interesting to talk about.


Bowl Hat-H&M

T shirt-H&M

Pants- ooh my god i am seriously not gonna shop there anymore, my wardrobe honestly is dominated mostly by Topshop i don't know why i end up picking up there stuff!...pants H&M

Boots - Aldo

Bag-wannabe Marc Jacobs...

Anything you guys want to know about me?


Your'e So Fetch! said...

What kind of music do you listen to?

And if you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

oh &pps: I am obsessed with your hat. I would love one in forest green!

Richel said...

v. cute outfit. I really like the bag and the whole black concept. It looks really good with your skin colour!

Rich Hippie said...

hahaha well my taste in music is well....grunge to be honest. Love pearl jam (fave song alive)and nirvana obviouslly, but my favourit band isnt a grunge one and is an indie one, Death Cab For Cutie. So I guess I love indie an grunge since I'm into Rooney, the thrills, the kills, the killershahaha ,dandy Warhol, jeff buckley, nick drake ugh people nobody listens to I guess. My iPod is edless hard to define my taste.

if I could travel aywhere it would be Australia, love the beach the surfing and the people. An vrypne down there seems t be real made back and not bothering with the while iraq stuff like the western world and the US are. Its just one assume beach

Rich Hippie said...

hahah god i was trying to type this over my iphone, sorry if some stuff didnt make any sence, just post a commetn here and ill answer them in a future blog, would be much easier i guess

Krystal said...

If there was a topshop here, Id have all topshop too, its so fantastic. I also love how its suppose to be comparable to h & m, forever 21 etc, but the quality--so far-- has been above any american department store's by far. <3 Topshop!!

you look fabulous.


Cat Hill said...

Well I love that wanna be Marc Jacobs bag lol!!!