Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Did you like decided to stay blazed all day?

...I dont know but despite my grey apparel my mood has been the exact opposite.
Been giggling by myself all day and like smiling allot.
Seriously when im not, my cheek muscles are simply killing me.
I dont necessarily have anything to be happy about...or even be unhappy for, but I just dont get it?
Ive still got allot of work to do so why am i so relaxed
.....I often get asked whether or not I'm on drugs cuz my mood board can be off the charts!!!
Bocked my hair dresser appointment for Thursday...Question is should i dye my hair a different colour to? Im thinking RED a la Angela Chase from My So Called Life
I just want to come out a new person and leave that train wreck of a person behind!


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isis said...

that last pic of you is so cute!

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