Thursday, 17 December 2009

....just like girls who wear t shirts of bands they don't listen to, I hate girls that bares a crucifix which means nothing them


Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
you always have glorious inspiration
this doesnt fail
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments


Karoline said...

It is really nice pictures, but I dont think I could do either of those things. I would never wear a crucifix if it did'nt ment anything to me, or wear a t-shirt from a band I did'nt liked.
Thanks for your comment:)


Eri said...

Great pictures and a cool blog. Really enjoyed it.

Please have a look at my blog too.

See you soon.

Anja said...

totally agree!
en riktig trashig och väl använd band t-shirt är skitsnyggt, men jag skulle aldrig nånsin använda en sån t-shirt för att det är snyggt enbart.
hur pinsamt måste det vara när ett fan till bandet kommer upp till en å börjar snacka, å man vet inte ett skit...

Anonymous said...

agreed! thank you!!!

Nastasia said...

This shoes are very strange, but i enjoooooy ! : ) Nice article ! KISSSS