Tuesday, 6 July 2010

so i dont know what to do (with this blog)
...far to busy being angry and working on my graphic novel....
I dont want to abandon my blog cuz you guys are awesome!
.....but its far to hard for me to come up with topics to keep you entertained
So if theres anything you guys would like to see read or get and opinion....dont hesitate.
Answer to anonymous Q about my mini collection -"school, to many jobs, got far to depressed so its been put on hold, but do look forward to my graphic novel!!! say hello to Una which you can see pictured above....she's a bit of a slut :)"


Anonymous said...

i used to enjoy your outfit posts and more updates about fashion rather than just a bunch of inspiring yet boring pictures? SORRY!
i think also if you could include more high street friendly pieces and even how you create your own looks such as the black shredded top in the photos below

RG said...

Hello Una :)It's funny .

Anonymous said...

Hey! I agree... please do post more picture of your outfits since that is the main reason I come to your blog. Even if you have to take pictures using your pager that is fine. That is all.

Anja said...

starta en tumblr istället, jag gjorde det när jag märkte att det var svårt att komma på saker att blogga om.
det är så mycket enklare att bara posta bilder som inspirerar, och ibland skriva saker om man känner för det.
men dom flesta lägger ju mest upp bilder.

natural-belle said...

hmmmmm i hear you about being uninspired sometimes! i think its best to just leave it for a little while rather than post thing just for the sake of it! as you can sort of tell when a blogger isn't feeling it! perhaps you can get a co host two blogger heads are sometimes better than one or perhaps a guest writer for the blog!
i'm a fan of you blog and hope you keep it going xx

belle @ naturalbelle

Anonymous said...

More outfit posts...its the reason I've come to love ur blog for the past year,, u have great style!

Taryn said...

ha! i cant wait for this graphic novel. I love your drawing style.