Monday, 4 August 2008

American Woman, stay away from meeee!!

Well look what i have here, my dad bought me and my sister a cute Lipstick Red GUITAR!!
None of us know how to play but we sure love it!!! Im a little upset cuz how am i supposed to share? Im a selfish bitch, i mean in pre-school, i beat up a kid so that i could have the doll house to myself (okay to much info...) and i mean im going away to uni like in September,
-"good luck sharing girls"
Oh well im more of a natural on drums anyway.. but common isn't it cute!! Ide take one of these over a Chanel ba....or no wait, lets not say anything stupid here shall we!!
But its gorgeous and i love it, im hoping to get drums later on but i think im going to have to wait a while, if i remember correctly drums aren't aloud in dorm rooms......But hey im close to making that being in a Band/Lawyer/ Top Fashion Designer dream come true :o)?!
Bowl hat - H&M
Marlin Monroe Tee - New look
Skirt - Topshop
Ankle Boots - Topshop
...oh and my guitar(sorry sis, OUR guitar)

Rock out!!


James Bort said...

Hello Rocky fashion girl
Very nice style and pictures !
Have a nice day.

Krystal said...

haha! love it!

S said...

Great outfit, I LOVE that skirt more than words can say.
Have so much fun with the guitar! It's super fun once you get to know it a little bit :)

Wendy said...

The guitar is super cool.

naroniel said...

love the shoes.

Designer Qui said...

i love your whole outfit! the guitar is VERY nice! that would be a cute picture... you with an all black outfit with red pumps, and that guitar! i'm getting carried away! anyway love the blog

LovexHate said...

Cute outfit. And yay lol.. *hopefully* im going to uni this year too.. and yeah i can be pretty selfish myself lol so dunno how thats gonna work out when sharing kitchen facilities :p. Btw new to ur blog, i like it.