Thursday, 30 June 2011


I've always wanted to dress like her, shes such an inspiration and cool individual. She's got this cool Ghost World meets Rocka billy meets her which is pure and unconditional amazingness.
Anyways going to stop drulling over my friend...
Thanks for bearing my complete and utter-self-loathing-I-want-to-kill-myself-Im-so-fat-my-life is-ruined-
ness.Im not saying its all fine now, im just saying theres not point in giving myself migraines anxiety attacks and sleep deprivation for...crap was going to say nothing but this is my life.
It will all work out-you do this all the time-you however have never missed out on that big achievement EVER- so stop bitching.
Ill have to remind myself of this and hush now.
I do want to thank does that tried to cheer me up, but unfortunately everyone cannot be winners....this of course dosnt mean I wont :)
Wearing: Topshop slevless dress, Topshop Backpack, Zara leather jacket, Urban Outfitters frames(dressing like a geek although I never made the grades) and suede creepers


yemi said...

hope you have a lovely birthday, and it is imperative that at once you forward your wardrobe to me. x

Anonymous said...

Dress like who?

Side Street Style said...

Oooh cool outfit - love the blue dress and the shoes!!

Great blog

Laura x

Rebecca said...

hahaha i've been going through your posts and i find it quite entertaining when you mention 'not another obnoxious blogger in for the free swag' :)

MishSmash said...

this outfit makes me miss my high platform creepers </3

completely awesome.

MamaNaObcasach said...

amazing outfit, what a profi glasses!