Thursday, 7 January 2010

I would ice skate to Uni if it wasn't shut. I grew up in Sweden where one day it could be all Autume'y and over night when your all dressed for school and you reach for that door nob...twist it push....and well cant get out? My last years in Sweden we lived in this cute Yellow house.....And it would always be a pain not being able to get the door open because the house been snowed in.
I've never had a snow day in Sweden, You simply get dressed and brave your way to school.
But for the past 3days schools been out and I can know longer wear my heels....

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Selma said...

Ok so fun, im also from sweden (living). Its really cold here like -20 degrees.. Its like the coldest year on 20 years they sad.. When I go out my legs freezing to ice.. and my hands, my toes my head ears.. Everything almost. Even if you have a ton clothes on you. (sorry my englisg is not so good, im only 14).. But I really love your blog. Its the best blog on earth. Write more abou fashion and your clothes friend it will be great! Please. Pusskram (haha)