Monday, 25 January 2010

bored stoned

It's official, im addicted to night life! I mean staying in isnt an option for me. Day life is simply a bore, its like when the sun comes up we all hide ourselves put on our suits and are shipped of to reality, which is a not so fun place of public transportation and responsibility.
Why am i so drawn to the darkside?
Well i get to dress up and mess up and think about stuff like consequence the next day.
I love being in a room full of people while never actually talking to them thanks to my anti social behaviour and the fact that the musics to loud.
I love being able to do this
Getting kicked out for having to much fun
Playing mind games with the drunken bastards out there
Pretending to be Billie Jean from New York and giving out fake numbers to people i dont like out numbers to people i do like
Meeting freaks and running into the girls room laughing about all the crazy things we've said
Walking into house parties pretending to know everyone
Falling inlove and breaking up the next day
......but what i love the most is waking up with a thousand missed calls and realizing last night was not a dream
.......................not tonight though, everyonce to busy with reality


josephine said...

love those pictures haha. night life is more interesting, for sure

Anja said...

totally agree!

Anonymous said...

very inspiring photos! Love the lace!♥

Taryn Andre said...

youre right. Day life is all about responsibilies and putting on the professional facade.

the freaks come out at night.

Anonymous said...

happens is that the night is mysterious and seductive, and when you feel music and lights, forget about ufff! is great! Also I love it! kisss

Champagne said...

I use to be afraid of the night, I didn't like going out at night. It was creepy. Now I enjoy it, but mostly when I'm with my friends and when its in the summer time.

Anonymous said...

I tried shrooms for the first time at a party recently. This post made me think of it.

What's the operative term? oh yeah... trippin BALLS.

Fuck yeah night life.

Louise said...

Lace !

I love it.

If you could have a look at my blog, I would really appreciate it..