Thursday, 5 May 2011

Style Stalk: Christine Centenera

If i were to become a Fashion Editor of a magazine I'd imagine myself as a half breed between Anna Dello Ruzzo and Emanuella Alt....Also known as Christine Centenera editore of Harper's Bazaar Australia. A brunette with hair that could possibly make the likes of Rachel Bilson jealous, this fashion maven has managed to draw more attention to her self than her actual magazine. The Lady knows cloths and most importantly Fashion! Unlike most others in her position, she knows how to dress, without being chackled, by her Hermes cuffs, to the trends that keep this Industry alive. No she one lady that holds the key and equally creates if not dissmiss most trends that surrounds us.
She's not quit minimalist but she works with a plain, yet not mistakinglly easy colour pallet. Her Navy blues, Black, grey and white are well supported by perfectly trained set of heels which frankly gies me wet reams just thinking about her closet.....

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