Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dress up; Elin Kling

So if you havent already noticed I'm most impressed by Swedish blogger and here are my reasons why:
-There approach on Fashion and Finance is attainable (just look at H&M)
-They talk about there day in a way so real, you know your bound to run into one, while grocery shopping
-They always have insight on fashion without being the insider labels are trying to hoard there merchendise through.
-They predominately are real girls in that Fashion Blogger sense.

I've been reading Elin's blogg since she started at
Stureplan is sort of the "Upper East Side" in Stockholm when it comes to great apartments, Club Kids and Socialite scandals. Now you might be wondering why an in depth gal like me would waste time on a site like that(LOL), but in High School I had zero to no friends which gave me allot of time to sit at home and read blogs...eventually starting my own(yepp it all started out of boredom) Elin was that kind of girl I grew up around in Sweden which led to my enormously low self-esteem. But despite being this she had a fun attitude towards fashion were she wasnt affraid to try everything and was the openly goofy chic that prides her ability to hypnotise chicken(yea you read that right no need to go over that line again).

She was the girl who seemingly had it all since day one, but the one blogger/individual who still had to spend YEARS getting to where she is now, which is initially global recognition, a collaboration line with H&M and now her own Magazine STYLEby. I must say I hate bloggers who blog just to open doors but Elin Kling(despite getting on my nerves whenever she talks about what a long and tierding day she had.....working on awesome projects!!!) is the most business savy hard working blogger out there!!! This girl is thinking long term and is know longer just relying on looking good in outfit posts.
I dont know personally I believe she's done a stellar job on cashing on an industry where on day blogging(?) is in and the next day...your out.......She most certainly will have her own fashion empire by then.

What she would buy...and in this case keep on working.
Kling changes her look allot and I for one love her new uptown look since she's been in New York

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