Friday, 31 July 2009

Are you F-ing Kidding me....

Seriouslly the
hole point of being grunge is to be anti trend! Not some L.A look that should be
disgustingly ripped off my the business men of this indusrty. Looking grunge is
looking cheap disgusting and dirty, something unpleasent and not worth splurging for, something thats convientlly already laying
on your floor ready to be thrown on. They already tried to sell out the look
back in the 90's (yes Marc I am pointing my finger at you) and I will admitI did cock up the word
Luxurious grunge before (an expensive twist...) but come on.....I really dont like where this look
is going....I will however go get that tie dye playsuit so thanks for sharing that at least.....


Anonymous said...

despite the fact that i love your blog and how you post and your inspiration and outfits
there is a problem:
the viewer cant watch a video while you have background music screaming about cocaine

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Loraine said...

lol you can pause the music before even pressing the 'play' button.

yeah, my opinion is... music will always inspire fashion. so it doesn't matter what the musicians wear; designers will always rip it. i think that's the way it works... or viceversa.

i'm not much into the looks they showed, except for one. said...

love the song that's playing in the film. do you know the band?

ymani said...

whoa, someone's upset. but I dont understand how people think that grunge can be taught, just do it, like nike!

Anonymous said...

Well then you are not anti trend enough. You don't look dirty enough or cheap, disgusting as a grunge person. U do kind of look like the girls in L.A that try to pass off looking grunge even though we know that they are just a wannabe. I don't know what you are trying to come accross and I am not going to try to figure that out but I have seen girls who know how to grunge because they don't take their fashion seriously and they DO pick up any clothes they can find laying on their floor. In fact it takes them less then 5 minutes to dress up and they look GOOD!. Looking at your blog MOST of your items look new and you seem like that kind of person who takes her time trying to figure out what to wear for the day. Hey! nothing is wrong with that and I do that. I think with a grunge person you cannot tell where they get their items from and may assume they bought it at the thrift store. However, I can tell where 90% of your items were bought at if I saw you on the street. Nothing is wrong with that. Like the poster said "jsut do it. like nike!" ;-)

Love your style by the way... Hey! I mean it... even though sometimes too much topshop items from head to toe.

Anonymous said...

you contradict yourself

art-belle//natural-belle said...

i think the girl in this vid looks pretty good! don't you have some of these clothes?
i like the way the video is made is fun and thats what fashion is about? isn't it?
plus this model probably is quite 'grunge' as most models don't care about what they were and tend not to wash......
the only negative i have on this vid is the fact that the model is playing an electric guitar thats not plugs in! erm rock and roll huh!!!

anyway lust your blog x

Champagne said...

Not gonna lie. I really like what I saw in the clothes. But what I want to know is, why is everyone doing these stopshot videos?

English Rose said...

I really like that video, and I am an avid reader of Elle magazine, and they do base the magazine for a more ecclectic crowd, it's not like Vouge or Glamour, where the clothes and articles are designed for well groomed women, Elle is for the slightly more edgier crowd.
And I do agree with some of the comments on here, you cannot slate this video, for the pure fact that you do follow fashion as you have stated in your blogs.
I can see why your annoyed, but it's not really a valid point, as you yourself aren't a proper 'grunger', because real grungers aren't really that fashionable, they don't wash, have long greasy hair and wear out of fashion clothes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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