Friday, 17 July 2009

Hey guys sorry for being a bitch and ignoring my blog. Finally packed my perfect closet for Sweden, then ruined by going shopping. God I swore I wouldnt make anymore purchases until like September. I've got all the clothes I need plus more yet I feel the need to buy more as if im collecting them.
Today had to be my old changing room styled shots as It's been raining like hell and by the time I got back I'd be to tired to take an actual photo.
Wearing: Denim shirt Zara Leather pants and suede ankle boots from Topshop.
I love my new patent boots as they remind me so much of the YSL boots from fall last season. Now just to find time to actually wear them.
Im not sure if im going to get that much blogging done while in Sweden, but I will try.


Kelly said...

Sexy boots! <3

Ms. Butterfly said...

I love those boots. Oh my!! Your outfit is rocking

Anonymous said...

Why do you keeping saying "Hey guys sorry for being a bitch and ignoring my blog" You posted on the 17th, 16th,14th,13th and 12th of July... I don't see anything about this that says you are ignoring your blog. Was the goal to post every hour?

By the way cool boots.

Anonymous said...

darling who cares if you made a purchase
because those boots were WORTH IT

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Lilee said...

love the wet look tights!